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Friday, September 20, 2013

Big boy navy, kind of

Adam graduated from his navy school last week. It had been a full 2 years. Sometimes he would leave the house at 4:30 am and not get home until after the babies were in bed. He works hard. And did really well. He is officially in the big boy navy. I liked being a student; no deployments. I may only see him for a few minutes somedays, but I knew he was safe. It was not all long days. It seems like the navy works you like crazy and then you have a brief period of short days. It makes the time he is home so sweet. 
This has been a journey with lots of unknowns.  The school Adam went through has a high fail/dropout rate. So when we joined, we knew that we were taking the chance on not making it through the training. Not making it means being discharged (leaving us without a job) or he could be assigned a random ship job while we finish out our contract. And, trust me, we did not want that.  I think before every new school, Adam would look at me and say, "I think this will be rough."  And then he does it and does awesome.   Towards the end of the training, I started ignoring his worries about not doing well, because he always did well. He has been asked to stay at this command as an instructor. I am so proud of him.  So as our friends are leaving for Hawaii and other cool places to join the crew of a boat, we are staying here. Bittersweet. It is hard to see all of your friends move away. 
But my best friend and husband is home.  And deployment is still just a word.  For now, I don't have to lay down at night wondering when the day will come when he is not here. Thankful. This women is thankful. 

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