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Friday, September 13, 2013

Free burgers, get your burgers!

So I missed it. Wait, let me start over since you are only just now joining my head conversation. So we are on a slight road trip to visit family. We pull into a Mickey D's and I see a women pull in beside us.  She pulls something out of her trunk. Something stirs within me. I think she is living out of her car. There were trash bags of something in the back seat and clearly stuff in the trunk. So I have a thought. (Or for the super spiritual folks out there- Holy Spirit promoting)  We should buy her food. By this time, Adam was inside with the women and I was changing diapers in the front seat. All you mamas know how awkward and downright dangerous that is. Poop smears in the car are the worst. Anyway, I digress- again. So I was trying to decide  of I should bring the little ones inside to go tell Adam to buy a meal for a lady who may or may not be homeless. And by the way, she had an unfriendly face, so I don't know how she would have taken me walking up to her and asking to buy her meal. I am super non-confrontational and really don't want to offend this lady. She can take me. Hands down. She was tough looking and I am extremely wimpy. I can't even do a push-up. No joke. I digress. Again. So I did nothing. Because it was unconvenient and possibly awkward. And I am such a dope.
I am always asking to be used by God, but when the prompting comes I freeze. It is like the player who says "put me in coach" and then picks dandelions in right field. I miss out because of fear of a slightly awkward situation. God is going to reach that women, but I missed the chance to be apart of it. And I missed the chance to show my girls how we love people. 
This situation has happened lots. I resolve that next time, it will not. I maybe talking under bathroom stalls, pulling u-turns and chasing people down in Wal-Mart, but I will have first time obedience next time. And then, I will talk to my kids about it.  I will tell them that Mama struggles with obeying God the first time, and we will have a special prize because mama obeyed. Even my Little One knows where the "special treats" are kept in the kitchen. This will happen. I will be the hands of Jesus. Just be on the look out, I am a little over zealous right now.  So find me if you want a free burger. 

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