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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Watching the news :(

Today on the news I saw that we lost 30 Navy men when a helicopter was shot down.  22 Seals and 8 crew members.  My prayers go out to these families.  Wives lost their husbands and babies lost their daddies.  Thank you for your great sacrifice for our country.

I did not realize how these stories would effect me.  I feel like our country lost 30 Adams when that helicopter went down.  Adam will be on the sea, but it still brings the reality of the job to light.  Our boys are in dangerous situations and I, for one, have not appreciated their service.  Now I feel like there are faces behind the numbers.

I have heard military wives say that they do not watch the news; that it is inaccurate most of the time anyway.  I think that it is because it is just too real.  During deployments, they live in a constant state of "is he coming home?".  An attempt at 2 normals: one with him, one without.  I can't begin to understand, until he is gone on deployment.  I take safety for granted.  Something I fear will change.

So, I blubbered through the news this morning.  And I am not a pretty crier- red nose, bloodshot eyes and weird mouth positions.  Tiny is poking the tears away and the dog resting his massive horse-head on my knee.  Pregnant or not- I need some regular coffee.  In fact, I need coffee and I am giving Tiny 2 cinnamon rolls!  It is a rough day and we don't care about too much caffeine and sugar.  I am dropping her off in the nursery and I will be awake through the service this morning.  A winning situation for all.

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