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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tiny mess

Oh, how I love my tiny mess.  Tiny is full of caos.  Adam and I recognized that early on.  We would build a tower with blocks and she would push it down.  But in all fairness, it is more fun to knock things over.  We are working on using a spoon and fork.  She will hold the fork with one hand and eat with the other.  The fork makes a great comb for her golden (now stained with red sauce) locks.  She does not get it, but she could not be cuter.  We had spegetti tonight.

Adam got called away 2 times tonight for Navy stuff.  Something I should probably get used to.  His dinner.

I ate his garlic roll.  I know, shocking.  My belly may need it's own zip code before Tiny #2 arrives.  I cringe at the thought of when Adam returns from Basic training.  I will be among all of the 18 year old girlfriends- whom I am sure are beautiful and have no stretch marks.  Me and the Tinies.  All ### pounds of us.  I will have to buy a new dress-one that makes me not look so...round.
Adam's recruiter said that he has never worked with someone whom is 26 with a wife and kids going into Adam's field.  He has no clue what to do with us.  We ask questions; they don't know.  And sometimes we get conflicting answers.  Though, they have been very flexible and kind.  Adam even brings Tiny to DEP meetings if I am at work.  I am setting the expectation bar WAY LOW, hoping not to be disappointed or feel like we were mislead.  I count on what is in the contract and take the rest with a grain of salt.  I remember that God is our provider, not the Navy.
As ship date comes closer, things are seeming more real.  We give more kisses.  We hired someone to mow our out-of-control yard instead of taking up the final days with yard work.  I don't have the heart to pack Adam's stuff yet.  8-10 weeks, right?  We can do this.  I can't think about the next station, or moving, or 1 year deployments right now.  Just 8-10 weeks.  I am just a tiny bit of a mess today too.

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