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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Embracing my quirks.

These things probably won't I have decided to embrace them.
  • I pout.  Only to Adam, because it works.
  • My favorite thing to do when the hubby is bugging me is to pull his underarm hair.  It makes him sooooo mad.  That is why I do it.  Again, because it works.
  • I rely on our lovable coon hound, Oscar, to clean my kitchen floor after meals and snack time.  Better than Mr. Clean.
  • I love it when Tiny wants Mommy to put her to bed.  But I still sigh to Adam, as if I have more important things to do.  (like the dishes in the sink- which I have no intention of doing tonight)
  • I like to eat a whole row of cookies from the package in one sitting.  It just seems more organized.
  • I love to watch TV shows where people crash into things or fall off high platforms for the sake of entertainment.  That Bob Saget says the funniest things.
  • I read the smut-movie-star-gossip magazines in the grocery check-out lane when no one is looking.  If questioned, I will say something about sad role models for our kids.   But I still want to know what is going on with Prince William.  And I would never get caught buying one.
  • I dream of being in a flash mob.......I have the whole routine worked out in my head.  It involves me doing a tap dance.  I bet I am a great tap dancer!
  • I like that I have 6 pillows and Adam only has 1.  Now, I would like his pillow to prop up my laptop while I post in bed.
  • I keep forgetting what order our silverware drawer goes in.  When we have been out of spoons and forks, I can't remember which one goes where.  I think it is forks, knives, spoons......but I don't ever know for sure.  It is a surprise every time the drawer is opened.
  • I love to play softball.....only if I can slide at every base and sit in the outfield.  And I don't care if we win, as long as there is ice cream afterwards.  I also make up cheers for my teammates.
  • I like to drive cross-legged with my feet in the seat.  It makes sure my toes are not chilly.  That is why they made cruise control.
  • And despite any efforts, I have turned into my mother.  And decided that it is not too bad.
This post would have been better if I had the correct pillow propping my laptop.

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