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Sunday, July 10, 2011

New to Blogging

Welcome to my blog page!  I am excited to get started.  Please excuse my computer skills....I barely know what I am doing.  I am starting this blog to document our transition into Navy life.  My husband, Adam, leaves for boot camp in less than 2 months.  We are excited and scared all at the same time.  There are so many questions and very few direct, reliable answers. I have decided that I have to trust what God has directed us to do and have the assurance that He will provide our every need.  The process has seemed rather complicated........duty dates, contracts, multiple MEP stations trips.  At one point I was yelling at Adam off the porch that he could run faster- "Don't let your baby see you being slow!".  NOT my finest wife moment.  We don't work out together anymore.  Well, I don't really "work out" at all.  Our sweet little Daddy's girl is going to miss her dada.  I will miss him too.

I think that I am going to add a prayer to posts.  I know that at least my mom will read my blog and she prays, so here is what I am praying for today.  Anyway- this blog stuff is fun!  See ya later!

My prayer today:
Thank you Lord for family.  Thank you for how we can work together as a unit to seek your face.  That you did not make man alone.  That even when we are away from each other, we have You holding us together.  Help us to draw near to You.  Let nothing divide what You have made one.


  1. Windy and I are in agrement with you in prayer. We are very proud of Adam for taking the steps to provide for his family and you for supporting him in his quest. Keep God as your focus in all you do and even though the path may get a bit bumpy along the way you will never lose direction.

    Love Ted.