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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby, let's roll with it.....

I love the song 'Let's roll with it'.  Adam made me love country music, basically because he forced it on me.  It was either learn to appreciate it, or never ride in the car with him.  So, now I like country music.  Except Alan Jackson; he makes my ears cry out for mercy.  This song has become my personal anthem.  Life does not always turn out the way that I planned.  I make a lot of plans.  I am an excellent planner.  I will figure out every possible thing that could go wrong and have multiple back-up plans.  I know, it is a sickness.  I had a job plan, marriage plan, birth plan, now a Navy plan.  But despite my kicking and screaming, every big plan that I have ever made did not turn out according to my awesome, great, absolutely perfect plan.


My degree is in Elementary Education...........but I am not a teacher.

I planned to marry a man whom shared my passion for ministering to children.  We were going to live in Africa and start an orphanage and save all the African babies!  So, I fell in love with Adam...........  Well, Adam is gifted in many ways, but ummmmm...he has great God sized plans for his life, but...well- we will get into that later.

I planned to have a completely natural child birthing experience only using only quiet relaxation techniques to manage labor pain (very dignified like).......I ended up being induced and yelling at the 19 year old nurse (whom I am sure had never gone through child birth and knew nothing),  "I don't care what you say, I am pushing now!  Back up lady!"

I did not marry a sailor - not in the plan!  Adam has talked about military service since we were 15.  Everyone kept talking him out of it, including me.  I have decided that as his wife, I have 2 choices.  Support his plans and dreams or have a husband whom does not dream.  I do not want a dreamless husband.  A man without a mission is a very sad man.  'Where there is no vision, the people perish' - Proverbs 29:18.  I want to be apart of his dream.  And to make sure he has clean socks while 'living the dream'.

So God has given Adam a vision with the Navy, and blessed our steps as we have set out on His plan.  I am planning on NOT making any plans.  It just bugs me when my plan does not work out.  Meanwhile, I don't think that US Navy cares about my plans.  But my Heavenly Father does.  And He loves me enough to mess up my plans and give me His plans.  'Baby, we'll roll with it.'  I am a Type A personality, so I plan to just roll with it.  It is progress.  Here is a link to this very awesome song.

Thank you Lord for sweeping us up in your plan.  Ours was so boring.  Give me wisdom to 'just roll with it'.  Help me not to think too much.  I lay down my dreams and pick up yours.

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